Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl space insulation is important. A number of comfort and energy problems are caused by inadequate or incorrect crawl space insulation.

Insulating crawl space walls will always take precedence over insulating the floor, but floor insulation can be a valuable improvement for several reasons. If you experience significant heat loss, crawl space insulation is a crucial addition because it eliminates a major source of energy loss.

Adding a vapor barrier, whether the floor of your crawl space is bare earth, gravel, or concrete, it is going to exude moisture. A 12 MM polyethylene plastic vapor barrier covering the ground keeps the wet at bay.

Stop putting up with cold floors, uncomfortable rooms, and high utility costs caused by poor crawl space insulation. We will carefully evaluate your home and recommend the best solutions for your needs. We install quality insulation that is proven to make homes more comfortable and efficient with a lifetime guarantee.

How much crawl space insulation does your home have?

Typical Older Home Attic – Note: You see joists
In Michigan, the recommended insulation level for an attic is R-60.  A typical attic in an older home, with approximately two inches of fiberglass batt (R-Value of 2.2/in), has an R-Value of only around 5 — not even close enough for a cold Michigan winter!

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