Attic Insulation

The first step in saving money on energy is to insulate your attic. According the US Dept of Energy’s “EERE Consumer Guide” – attic insulation is one of the best ways to make your home comfortable and efficient. And, attic insulation is also one of the most economical things you can do to start your saving money and energy.

Heat passes all too easily through a poorly insulated attic. In the winter, heated interior air rises naturally by convection and escapes into the attic through numerous air leaks. Conductive heat loss through the cold ceiling makes rooms directly beneath the attic even colder.

The problem reverses on a hot summer day, as attic temperatures rise to the 140 degree range and heat moves into your living space, creating uncomfortably hot rooms that are expensive to cool. In many homes, these overheated rooms are bedrooms, adding to the homeowner’s frustrations.

An attic insulation upgrade can cut your heating & cooling costs by as much as 40%! More importantly, it will restore comfort to rooms that get too hot or too cold at different times of the year, and it’s a once and done upgrade that won’t wear out or require maintenance.

How much attic insulation does your home have?

Typical Older Home Attic – Note: You see joists
In Michigan, the recommended insulation level for an attic is R-60.  A typical attic in an older home, with approximately two inches of fiberglass batt (R-Value of 2.2/in), has an R-Value of only around 5 — not even close enough for a cold Michigan winter!

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